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About Us...


Mission Statement:

At Little Texans Child Care we love and nurture the “whole child” to develop areas of cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. We use age-appropriate developmental practices with play-based learning to create independent life-long learners. We recognize that each child has individual needs and the need to succeed. We foster their growth in a safe, loving, and happy environment.


Our Core Values:

Collaboration: At Little Texans, we understand that it takes a village to raise a child. We partner with children, family, colleagues, and community to support life-long independent learners.

Integrity: We are dedicated to providing a developmentally appropriate program with honest, transparent care and professionalism.

Respect: At Little Texans, respect is expressed in an environment that honors the time and space that an individual needs to grow and learn. Communicating, listening, and reflecting guide our actions toward others and ourselves.

Commitment: We are committed to love and nurture your child to develop the “whole child.” We are passionate about what we do and genuine with the care we provide each child.

Our Curriculum

At Little Texans, we understand that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We know we are your child's home away from home, therefore we not only incorporate learning into all of our classrooms but the sense of family and love.  In addition to academic curriculum, we focus and emphasize manners, character, social skills, responsibility, patience, and respect for themself and others. Our dedicated teachers create weekly lesson plans that foster a love of learning through age-appropriate activities and learning experiences. When your child leaves our center to attend public education, we ensure they are kindergarten as well as socially ready for school. 

Sample Weekly Lesson Plans:

4s curriculum.JPG
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